CTOne Launches New O-RAN and Private 5G Security Solutions at MWC Barcelona 2024

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Staying Ahead of Security Threats to Enterprise 5G and Private Mobile 5G Networks

Taipei, Taiwan, February 19, 2024 – CTOne, a Trend Micro™ company, today announced new Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) and end-to-end private 5G security solutions. At the Mobile World Conference (MWC) Barcelona 2024, CTOne will be showcasing next-generation security solutions that will propel organizations to utilize the full potential of private 5G while effectively managing associated cyber-risks. The new capabilities for protecting private 5G networks focus on supporting advanced wireless needs for the telecom industry, systems integrators, and private 5G network users.

Join us at Mobile World Congress Barcelona in booth 4A50, Hall 4, alongside Trend MicroTM from February 26-29, 2024: https://ctone.com/2024/01/join-us-at-2024-mobile-world-congress-in-barcelona/

Securing the Promise of O-RAN

Open RANs enable freedom of choice between the best hardware and service vendors from a broader range of open standards-compliant suppliers. This promises an end to vendor lock-in, reduced costs, increased flexibility, and ultimately huge benefits for end users.

The global O-RAN market is projected to expand from $1.1 billion in 2022 to $15.6 billion by 2027. However, because O-RANs are moving forward from traditional tightly-integrated, closed solutions, they do open a new world of security challenges – as well as efficiency enhancement opportunities – for operators and implementers. CTOne’s solutions are purpose-built to help organizations proactively address these concerns while reducing risk across the enterprise supply chain.

Hollie Hennessy, Senior Analyst, IoT Cybersecurity at Omdia:

“Private 5G networks are being leveraged globally to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality across verticals like telecom, manufacturing, energy, transportation, and logistics. The high value of supply chain components combined with increasing complexity that introduces new attack vectors make enterprise-grade 5G cybersecurity a clear and growing requirement.”


The CTOne SecureRAN solution is designed specifically to enhance the overall resilience of infor-mation and communication technology (IT and CT) systems by safeguarding key elements in O-RAN systems. The solution proactively monitors for unauthorized activities across host servers and critical O-RAN interfaces, protecting the RAN system against malware, ransomware, and other attacks.

CTOne SecureRAN is capable of periodically scanning the components in the O-RAN system through software component analysis (SCA), providing a more complete view of attack surface risk. These strategic insights enable organizations to take necessary next steps, such as patching or other forms of remediation, and facilitate seamless integration with third-party security event management systems, supporting regulatory compliance, transparency, rapid incident response, and more informed decision-making.

Jason Huang, CEO of CTOne:

“Private 5G is becoming increasingly popular among organizations worldwide as it provides a competitive edge and significant business value. With cyber risk increasing across the entire enterprise attack surface, it is more critical than ever that organizations take proactive measures to secure these next-generation wireless deployments. This will enable them to fully realize the potential benefits of this powerful innovating networking approach.”

An Enterprise-Grade Defense Against 5G Attacks

CTOne offers a turnkey solution for private mobile network security for enterprises and operators, ensuring robust protection against diverse and evolving cyber threats. This comprehensive private 5G security solution protects entire networks, from IIoT endpoint devices and edge computing applications, through the O-RAN system, and into core networks. With the recent addition of SSL decryption, CTOne's security solution provides enhanced protection and visibility into encrypted traffic alongside simplified management to reduce both cost and risk. By bridging the gap between IT and CT, CTOne addresses the security needs of both network and endpoint layers, enabling enterprises to realize the true value of powerful next-generation wireless networks.

About CTOne

CTOne, a global cybersecurity leader in communication technology/ a subsidiary of Trend Micro, with over 30 years of experience in information technology (IT) security inherited from Trend Micro, CTOne bridges the communication technology (CT) gap by dedicating resources to the development of enterprise cybersecurity. On top of providing the most comprehensive solution in terms of mobile network communication protection, CTOne helps enterprises integrate IT and CT technologies for digital transformation, reducing operating costs, increasing productivity, and avoiding significant losses. CTOne is constantly on guard to ensure that daily business operations are protected to keep enterprises at the forefront of the market.

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As a professional 5G telecommunication networking solution vendor,  SpectrEdge and CTOne combined solution delivers rapidly deployable 5G Networking with Industry-Leading Security designed for financial, defense, and public safety markets.


Neutroon and CTOne revolutionize wireless management and cybersecurity, offering 'API First' network control, security, and edge orchestration. Neutroon's unified management spans radio, core, devices, and applications, while CTOne enhances end-to-end security. This collaboration empowers CSPs and enterprises with a scalable, intelligent platform for 5G/LTE.


With a strong focus on operational security, the combination of Pegatron`s end-to-end private 5G offerings and CTOne`s cybersecurity solution enables a more effective approach to enabling smart factories. By addressing critical operational and cybersecurity needs, the joint solution enables modern enterprises to realize the true value of next-generation wireless deployment in their smart factories.


As a certified hardware platform partner, NEXCOM’s hardware appliances have been tested and certified as compatible with CTOne's virtualized private 5G security solution. As a certified solution, global organizations are able to confidently harness the power of CTOne’s leading cybersecurity capabilities in combination with NEXCOM's extensive capabilities in Edge AI, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), private 5G, and secure IoT connectivity.


The joint Saviah-CTOne solution leverages Saviah's cost-effective, high-performance, reliable, and interoperable industrial-grade 5GC service and CTOne's proven end-to-end security. The result: a more secure and easier to manage private mobile network environment for enterprises with the ability to leverage the major features and versatility of 5G.


Securing OT environments connected to CT networks, the integration of Inventec's Smart Factory DX solution with CTOne extends our security capabilities beyond CT into OT. With our joint solution, we offer enterprises an end-to-end service encompassing IT, OT, and CT, complete with a holistic cybersecurity strategy to support enterprises during digital transformation.


The integration of Ataya’s Harmony solution with CTOne provides enterprises with comprehensive connectivity and security visibility across 5G, Wi-Fi, and wired networks. With this joint solution for hybrid networks, enterprises gain full security visibility into Ataya’s Universal Connectivity Platform while supporting a zero-trust strategy and reducing the effort and cost associated with security management.

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