Highlight in CyberSEC 2023: CTOne demonstrates its multifaceted expertise in private 5G cybersecurity

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CyberSEC Booth

CyberSEC was back in full strength from May 9 to 11, 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan. With over 3,500 leading companies considering it a must-attend event, CyberSEC featured more than 300 companies and 300 sessions dedicated to cybersecurity topics. CTOne, in collaboration with its parent company Trend Micro, participated in the event to present our latest private 5G security solution tailored for enterprises undergoing digital transformation with 5G technology.

CTOne at CyberSEC 2023

As CTOne’s first show to physically introduce our solution to the audience, we underscored the significance of CT (Communication Technology) as a pivotal component, just as crucial as IT & OT, within the industry. CT plays an important role in enabling the successful digital transformation of enterprises by bridging IT and OT. Our highlight this year:

  • Industry Focus: Our spotlight this year revolves around the practical application and use cases deployed with private 5G networks in various vertical markets. By showcasing real-world scenarios in an international airport and smart factory, we aim to point out the importance of cybersecurity, emphasizing what we protect and how we protect it. In collaboration with our ecosystem partners, Inventec, Nexcom, and Nokia, we present our narrative with a strong focus on security.
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity in Private 5G Networks: While 5G is indeed a new communication technology, its true value lies in its practical applications that leverage its advantages. From the security point of view, what we offer is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution covering Endpoint, RAN, MEC, and 5GC is essential for private mobile networks.
  • Security Beyond Default: Through our global business manager, Ming-Yang Yi, we conducted 3 booth seminars to address the question of whether 3GPP security by default is sufficient and to highlight the existing gaps in security measures. Furthermore, to explain why we say today’s safety does not guarantee tomorrow.
  • Threat Intelligence Capabilities in the CT Domain: Taking the opportunity at the xSecurity Forum, hosted by CyberSEC, our Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence, Salim S.L., and our R&D Manager, Yi-Lun Li, delivered a presentation titled ” What We Talk About When We Talk About 5G Security: Observations and Insights on threats and vulnerabilities.” They explained the definition of private 5G security and shared our valuable findings regarding threats and vulnerabilities in private 5G networks.
  • 5G Castle attendance: At the CyberSEC2023 this year, we announced our official joining of the 5G Castle (5G Cyber Assessment Security Tech-Lab Evaluation alliance) in Taiwan as the organizer of the 5G cybersecurity working group. Our aim is to promote the development of secure and reliable 5G private networks within the industries, while also developing collaboration to establish a robust ecosystem for 5G cybersecurity services.

CT Security: The Often-Overlooked Frontier in Cybersecurity

When enterprises consider digital transformation, 5G technology plays a crucial role in achieving their objectives by leveraging its advantages and benefits. However, CT (Communication Technology) becomes a new attack vector for hackers to infiltrate and steal sensitive data. Despite 5G being inherently more secure than other wireless communication technologies, Network Cloudification, Open-Source Software, Openness of 5G, and various IoT devices expose 5G to different types of vulnerabilities and potential attacks. Hence, the scope of security deployment should encompass not only IT and OT but also CT, emphasizing the holistic protection of all aspects of the enterprise’s digital infrastructure.

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As a certified hardware platform partner, NEXCOM’s hardware appliances have been tested and certified as compatible with CTOne's virtualized private 5G security solution. As a certified solution, global organizations are able to confidently harness the power of CTOne’s leading cybersecurity capabilities in combination with NEXCOM's extensive capabilities in Edge AI, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), private 5G, and secure IoT connectivity.


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Securing OT environments connected to CT networks, the integration of Inventec's Smart Factory DX solution with CTOne extends our security capabilities beyond CT into OT. With our joint solution, we offer enterprises an end-to-end service encompassing IT, OT, and CT, complete with a holistic cybersecurity strategy to support enterprises during digital transformation.


The integration of Ataya’s Harmony solution with CTOne provides enterprises with comprehensive connectivity and security visibility across 5G, Wi-Fi, and wired networks. With this joint solution for hybrid networks, enterprises gain full security visibility into Ataya’s Universal Connectivity Platform while supporting a zero-trust strategy and reducing the effort and cost associated with security management.

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