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To unleash the power of next-generation wireless communication
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CTOne Inc.,

A Global Cybersecurity Leader In Communication Technology

Offers Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions For Next-Generation Wireless Networks.

A Subsidiary Of Trend Micro, CTOne Enables Digital Transformation And Strengthens The Resilience Of Communication Technology. 

Industrial Focus

Smart Manufacturing​

Nowadays, smart factories' transformation from legacy factory become the mainstream of future direction, in order to enhance productivity and reduce labor costs.
5G mobile networks will take this transformation to unpreditable levels, creating new cybersecurity risks to the production line.

Smart Transportation​

As smart transportation grows rapidly and is widely discussed, the key factor to realize smart transportation will be 5G connectivity, which requires ultra-low latency and massive data transfer of high-resolution video streaming.
Applications like autonomous vehicles in warehouses/ airports/ harbors.
Securing the smart transportation world while utilizing next-generation communication technology is one of our targeted mission.

Gas/ Oil

The challenge of efficiently utilizing energy resources becomes a serious issue among worldwide governments.
With 5G mobile networks, not only can transfer massive amounts of data with low latency, which can help operators to enhance the operational efficiency in the oil & gas industry, but also conquer the challenge of remote control, irrespective of harsh environments and critical weather conditions.

What We Offer

Assets Visibility

To have a fully visibility of your endpoints devices

Joint Defense Strategy

Facilitating security operations between IT and CT technology.

Tailor-made Solution

Tailor-made solution for private 5G network integrating IT & CT domain security

Zero Trust Policy

Adopting zero trust policy from End-to-End protection

Our Solution

CTOne mobile network security solution is a turnkey private 5G security without substantial investment and management costs designed for enterprises to protect their entire private 5G mobile network including edge computing applications and IIoT endpoint devices.

CTOne`s solution bridges the gap between information and communication technologies (IT/CT) to provide comprehensive protection, covering the network and endpoint layer to help customers face the new and diverse threats being seen in cyberattacks across 4G/LTE and 5G networks.

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